a week

it's been a week since i arrived back in the states!  it's been fun being with the family!  i've had 2 surprise birthday parties and seen most of my family (if not all!).  now i'm just chilling at ome having just some relaxing times at home.  I'm settling down now to study some korean in hopes that i can get back on top!  i'm excited to be heading back at the end of the week cause i'm starting to miss my kiddos and my cats!  lol!  plus my friends and can't wait to be back in my single apartment!  hahaha!  I am having a lot of fun and glad to have a mini vacation for now!

well i better run!  have a good day all!!

being home.

Alright.  So all I've done lately is get ready for my trip.  I am now home with the family.  Had a few issues at the airport but I'm loving being home.  It's definitely nice to be home with the family.  We haven't done much but I've been shopping a few times to get clothes and essentials for when i get back.  it's been nice.  I'm not sure what else to write but don't worry!  I'll be back in Korea!  ^^


I know I didnt give much info about each of the places I went to or provided photos for but turns out my friend, Kelsey, wrote about it on HER blog...So here are her takes on the SM Concert and Everland... you can also see pictures from SM Concert as well!


Random pictures... from Taco Bell, Gangnam, my keychain, and classroom!

 Royal Milk Tea at Dr. Fish in Gangnam

 Poop from my student...and some sign that is always in the subway... i find it hilarious and true... (for whatever it is... haha!)

I want to go to this noraebang (노래방/singing room)... it's Every Sing that is owned by SM Entertainment... ^^

I live by the bridge they used in Iris... ^^

Just taking a walk on the Olympic Park bridge... ^^

 Taco Bell in Itaewon...

SM Town 2010 in Seoul

YUP!  Finally!  I am posting SOME pics (hehe) of the concert at the Olympic Stadium concert... SMTown 2010... it was seriously over 6 hours... with some minor technical difficulties... but whatever... it was totally great!  Unfortunately, my camera is not all that great at zooming in so we have a few good and bad pics... enjoy anyway!  k!?  ;]  (BTW I hate blogger and the way my pictures come up... so sorry too)

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Everland... just a few!

Went to Everland and had a blast!  Made me feel like a kid!  hehe!!  You can take a bus to Everland from Gangbyeon station (that's where I got off at... haha... it's a destination bus... Gangbyeon station to Everland...)