Children's Park~

Last week, my bf and I went off to the Children's park to see what Seoul had to offer us on a Sunny (and HOT) Sunday afternoon.

It was really fun and lots of families were out and about!  Here's some pictures of our fun time there!  If you have some time, go and breath in the fresh air!

Namsan at night~

So we decided to visit Namsan again but this time at night to experience the night lights of Seoul~

It was really nice and lots of people around!  Enjoy the few pics we took!


Last weekend, my bf and i went to Namsan Tower.  It was my first time going and it was a lot of fun!

The weather was nice and cloudy, and so it wasn't too hot when we had to climb up the hill to the top.  We enjoyed looking at all the love locks and love tiles and just the people in general.  After leaving there we had some amazing ddeokbeokki at Ewha women's university and enjoyed the rest of the day.  I'll put some pictures up so you can enjoy and hopefully visit Namsan soon!  (Please click to make the pics bigger... will open in the same window.)


So last time I wrote about finding a place to buy "big girl" shoes, and I did go to the store to see what I could get!

They had really cute shoes and really good prices.

I restrained myself and finally decided on a cute pair of sandals.  The weather is hot so my feet will appreciate the gesture.

Here they are! 

My shoe size is 260 in Korean (about 8.5-9) and so these fit almost perfect... actually my feet are a little small but they work for me!! 

On a Tuesday morning, I got there a little too early and had to wait around but it was fine.  Afterwards, I diddle-daddled around Seoul just seeing what trouble I could get into...

The next post will be about my first time at Namsan Tower...

Big Shoe Store!

Alright!  SO I've been looking for a place to buy shoes since I arrived in Korea... I have about a size 9 shoe and about 8 1/2 is the cut off for korean shoes... but recently my friend mentioned this place... 큰 신발 (Big Shoe).  Check out my friend's site! Seoul Kitten

I have yet to visit but tomorrow I'm gonna check it out!  So I'll report back then and let you all know how it went!!

I also recently discovered buying "bigger" size clothes on gmarket!  Love mine and can't stop myself from buying more!!