So on Saturday, July 16th, I hung out with my friend, Foreign/er Joy, in Hongdae.  We met up around lunch time and headed to lunch at Jenny's Bread.  To learn more about Jenny's Cafe and how to get there... please visit Joy's blog as I have no idea how to describe how to go there.  It's yummy and made with fresh right-out-of-the-oven bread!  ^^  So please check out: Jenny's Bread

First, in the morning, I got attacked by some vicious looking clouds in my area.  And as I thought by going away from it, that maybe I wouldn't get rained on... I was proven wrong...

The rain got worse as we were walking around Hongdae, but that didn't stop us from finding a board game cafe and a cute little Mustoy Cafe where you can make your own mustoy~  Please click the pictures to check out more information about the Mustoy cafe and to check out Joy's page about the board game cafe!  We played Set!  My first time playing and I won both games  Hehe!!

I can't wait to go back and make one of the Mustoys!!  ^^  I also go the application for the Mustoy so you can click the app pictures to go to the Itunes website to get your own anti-stress toy!~

 Here's the mustoys that I made~~


And we'll end with rain pictures and Joy taking pictures of rain falling on pretty flowers on trees!~

Look for more pictures soon~~

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