1 year!

So LAST Thursday was my 1 year in Korea!  WOOT!  Now I can say I've been here for a year!  I plan to stay so much longer but it's nice not to be so new!  ^^  I had dinner with my friend/coworker and her friend as a mini-celebration!  hehe!!

I haven't done too much lately, just working and saving money!

The week before I went with my kindergarten to a traffic center to teach the kids about traffic safety... which is great since my accident... haha!

BUT last weekend I went to the Coex Aquarium and had a great time!  Hopefully I can upload pictures soon... once I sift through them all!

Then Last Friday, Kelsey and I went out for dinner in Nowon and hoped to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, but unfortunately it was sold out... I guess next time... hopefully!

This week, I've only had to work 2 days 2 classes each on Monday and Wednesday... So yesterday I had off.  I met up with Kelsey and another friend in Itaewon to do some shopping and eat at Gecko's in Itaewon... so yummy!!  Then headed out to Myeongdong for more shopping.  I hadn't been to Itaewon and Myeongdong since before my accident in February so it was definitely interesting to see these places again.  I, also, randomly fell upon a noraebang that I've been looking for since arriving.  It's called Every Sing by SM Entertainment and it's supposed to be pretty awesome!  I found it in Myeongdong, so I hope to be able to go there soon!  After shopping, we got a drink at a random bar that was opened at 6 in the afternoon, then all headed home.

Today, I had work and just rested for the day.  Tomorrow, I'm heading out to a swimming pool at Ttukseom with a friend.  I'm so excited!  I havent been to a swimming since first arriving in Korea.  I'll be sure to take pics!  I dont really have any plans for the week but rest and not spend much money!  On Friday, I may go with Kelsey to a free park with a lot of awesome things in Ilsan!

And then in August, we have scheduled to go to a concert... SMTown 2010 concert that will include: SuperJunior, SNSD (Girl's Generation), and Shinee!  I'm so excited!!!!

and i found out this week that I won't go home in December after all (tickets are super expensive!)... but I will go home a lot earlier!  I'll be going home in September around Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving-type holiday) and around my birthday!  I'm excited and can't wait to make it real by buying tickets!  ^^

Can't wait to add pictures soon!!  Sorry I'm so boring lately but hopefully soon I can have more exciting posts!!  Parks, Pools, Noraebangs, Concerts, etc!!
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