Gyeongbok Palace

October 11th, 2009
Today, I visited Gyeongbokgung Palace.  According to my friend who took me to check out this palace... it's the largest palace of the 5 Grand Palaces (the wikipedia page attached above also confirms this... lol).  I had a lot of fun.  I met up with my friend at 1pm and we took a bus from our area to where the palace was located... i'm sorry if you want to visit cause i can't remember the bus but it's the one close to Insadong!  and it's really easy to find!  just look it up... obviously if it's large there's going to be some way to get there!  haha!... when we arrived we took a look around before buying our 3,000Won tickets to roam around this huge area!  we walked around most of the whole thing and later when to look at the museum off to the side.  I definitely learned a lot of information about Korean culture and hope to take time to learn a lot more.  It's all so interesting and i felt bad that my brain is so helpless with information told to me rather than when i read it... so i'm hoping that i can find a book to help me learn and then remember everything he said to me... lol!  After checking out the museum (it's a huge museum...)... in total i think we spent like 3 hours or so looking at the palace and the museum... i definitely enjoyed once again being outside... it was a cool day too so it felt good... not a large amount of those deadly stairs either!  haha!!  many families and school groups roaming around but it was all so fun!!  ^_^.  Please check out the video of the fun pics from my trip!  ^_^.