Suwon Folk Village & Chuseok holiday

So obviously Chuseok holiday was a week ago... and i'm just now getting to updating what fun i encountered!  ^_^.  not much really went on... our school had vacation from thursday, october 1st to monday, october 5th... I decided to stay in the area and sorta explore around.  On thursday, i went out with a friend to hang out.  it was nice to do whatever... we went to dongdaemun stadium for a little while and i bought what i thought was a shirt but turns out can be a dress (it's in-between... not short so it's ok!)... then later went to Itaewon.  Friday, I met up with Foreigner Joy (<--click her name to view her blog about the adventures we had the Suwon Folk Village!) and another friend Jei to go to the Suwon Folk Village in Suwon which is located in GyeongGi-Do... which means I stepped out of Seoul for the first time!!  yay me!!  I had a lot of fun checking out the village and just being out and about in and around nature!  everyday surrounded by city life makes you want some country times... haha... that's the small town texas girl in me... i guess!  ^_^.  I set up a video so I didnt have to fill this thing up with a million pictures!!  and videos!  haha!

when we got there we walked around and just looked at all the structures.  it was really nice to walk around... REALLY Nice!  haha... i would recommend anyone to go to get out... when we went they had scheduled times of different shows available for watching!  We got to watch "Farmer's Music and Dance", tightrope walking, a Traditional Korean Wedding, and sorta watched a horse show... we got interrupted though... lol tis k!  it was all so fun!!  ^_^.  I just love Korea and am happy here!

Saturday... I hung out with some friends later in the night.  It was so much fun to just hang out at someone's house doing almost nothing!  haha!  Sunday... just rested and Monday... nothing again... haha!  it's so much fun to just rest and chill out!!  haha!!

well i have not much more to say... another blog will come RIGHT after this so i dont wait too long again about today's fun adventure!  ^_^... enjoy the video!!:


Foreigner Joy said...

Oh thank goodness you switched to pop-up commenting. I couldn't get anything done with the embedded version.

Anyways glad you had a good time. Certainly it was a lot of fun.

Sometimes having "nothing" days are good. Helps balance out all the crazyness.