Um... ... ... ... Special! Edition.. Album... Hello???

It's been 1 week since I last posted and my last post really wasn't anything but a music video!  SO... it's pretty much been 2 weeks since I posted!  ah!... Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry (Super Junior...)... ^_^.  No but I really am sorry!  i have been so busy and have been crazy tired from all the running around and hanging out with kids and be pulled each way by kids that it's gotten me too exhausted to just sit and type...

So I'm here... hoping to update with pictures on video so you dont have a huge huge huge blog to read!  hehe!  Plus it sorta helps me to not worry about uploading them to this thingy and anyway... it's just more convenient!!  ^_^.

First, let me start by saying that I've started Korean classes as of October 6th and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  hehe!  it's difficult but challenging... another reason i get busy... i've been studying!...  I go to class Tuesdays and Thursdays and every other Friday... I hope to keep these up for awhile... my teacher is super cool and yeah studying before coming really helped... knowing the alphabet before coming to Korea is a really good step forward you can take... Click Here for help!

Okay back to your regularly scheduled program... hehe

last weekend (October 17)... I went and met a friend out in her area and we just chilled out... got our hair done and a few other things.  It was definitely fun to hang out in a new area that i dont know!  hehe!  We hung out... ate pizza at Pizza Hut and shopped around the area... we just window shopped of course!  After just hanging out... we headed back to her place to get ready for a night out for our friend's birthday night!  YAY!  so we met up the birthday girl and headed to Hongdae to hang out.  Hongdae is a big party central.  Clubs... Pubs... Tubs... (okay maybe not Tubs... haha i tried though... haha)  so we went and got some dinner at a sandwich place to start the night and then went to Go-Go's.  It's a pretty cool place to chill out and have a few drinks with friends but after like 10 or 11 it gets crowded but everyone's so friendly.. (wonder why?!)... haha!  we had fun and just stayed in GoGo's for a long time... then at about 3am we headed out and ended the night with 2 Kebabs a person... So Yummy!!!!  Met some cool people that maybe I'll message to hang out again soon... or maybe not... haha we'll see!  An anonymous blogger that I've been following also was there that night and i was so close to figuring out who it was but i didn't know till i was home that i knew we were in the same bar at the SAME TIME!  so crazy!  haha!!

(Speaking of meeting bloggers)... I also have been reading a blogger by the name of Jennifer who has and one random day 2 weeks ago... i was in myeongdong with rosie just shopping at forever21 and i saw her!  lol me being super weird now that i'm in korea... looked at her and said:  I read your blog!  as i giggle... seriously being Korea has changed me... and i love it!  hehe!!  so if you ever spot me... please... please... please... say something to me!  hehe!!

anyway back to my story... so i stayed at my friends house after the long night and that was that weekend... just had some fun and hung out with friends!

This last Saturday (October 24)... I went to a Korean village called 한옥마을 or also:  남산골한옥마을 (Namsangol Hanokmaeul) (click link)... My Korean teacher invited us to go with her on Saturday at 10:30 am and even though it was early i didn't have plans so i decided that would be super cool!... so Saturday i met up with my friend and we got coffee and met up with my teacher in front of our company building.  we met up with 6 or so other people besides us two and took taxis to this little village on the hill under/to Namsan Tower.  It was fun to be out in nature and with new friends.  everyone seemed cool and we all had a thing or two in common.  we are all foreigners in korea... no matter if we were american... canadian... columbian... or japanese... we were there AND we were all wanting to learn Korean for one reason or another.  Hopefully i'll meet up with some of these people in the future... of course we have the same korean teacher... something is bound to keep us together... haha how cheesy am i... !!!

pics will be up of that adventure...

at around 11 or 12... karrin and i decided to head back and grab some lunch cause we needed food!  haha!  so we met up with some friends at COEX mall... which was my first time going!  yay!  hehe!  first we at lunch at On the Border... so my 2nd time in my life and the 1st was in America... now in Korea... hehe!  Then we went shopping... I didnt buy anything till we went to a convenient store later in the day and then we went to a music store... bad idea for me... haha!  it was hard for me to find korean music other than online back at home but as soon as i walk into this store i found my favorite boy band... SS501... there new album came out this last week... i already downloaded it but i wanted a physical copy with diary and my first 2 posters of them... (which i have yet to put up yet... haha)... the CD is really good.  I would recommend listening to them!  they've been around for a while but they're in early 20s... so they'll be around awhile.  I also bought Goo Hye Sun's CD (Geum JanDi from Boys over Flowers)... it's all piano pieces but shes a good artist in general.  singer.  artist.  author.  actress... i admire her.

anyway after the music store we decided we'd grab some food and then head home for a movie night.  The girls and I had a movie night and I taxi-d it home at 6:20AM.  haha!!

it was fun to just have a chill night and hang out with friends.  I love to go out and have fun but staying in is good too... saves money too!  haha!!

this week should be a good week and i can't wait to see what the days ahead hold for me...

Look out for my videos of pictures soon to come after this blog... it just takes time to put them together and uploaded but i promise within a few hours they should be up!

please comment and let me know you're out there reading this!  haha!

Have a good night (or day) wherever you are in the world!!


Why am I here??? said...

Sorry sorry sorry sorry...........haha that is such a catchy song isn't it?!!!

Thanks for the shout out on your blog. And sorry for being such a crappy blogger ;) hehe