Korean Wedding

Yesterday was my Korean teachers wedding.  She looked stunning!!  The wedding went well... as far as I could tell since I don't speak enough to understand anything that was going on.  But I got the best of it all... hahaha!  The wedding hall was beautiful and everything was really nice!  My Korean teacher had asked me to sing at her wedding so here's the song.  I was a bit nervous... haha

enjoy... hopefully!  hahaha!!

Besides the wedding... nothing much has happened!  Been busy with work and getting adjusted to Uyu.  My kids graduate this week!  So sad but excited for them!!  ^^

well I'm off again!

Oh yeah!  I went to the Casino with my friend and ended up winning about 700,000... hahaha so fun!!


Why am I here??? said...

ohhhh so beautiful!

stephanie. said...

Gab! you sing beautifully!

also,they took pictures of you like you were a superstar. lol i love it!