Round and Round... ^^

U-Kiss 빙글빙글 (Bingeul Bingeul) Round and Round

This song is a bit addicting to me... haha especially the dance move at :15... hahahaha!

Anyway!  After you watch I'll update you about life in Korea!  haha!

Not much has happened in a week, because I was waiting to get paid this week!  YAY!  haha!  Last Sunday, I went to the Casino with my friend and we just hung out and had a little fun.  Promising, of course, that we'd return when we got paid... hahaha which is probably a bad idea but I already set that money aside.  HAHAHA!  So Today's Plan is to go to the casino and just hang out.  It'll be fun and interesting!  Also, I'm going camera shopping cause I sold my huge camera and am opting for a smaller one.  I met a really cool new friend randomly this last week.  So she'll be joining us for the casino tonight!  I'm really exciting actually!  hahaha!!

Kelsey in Korea, a coworker of hers and friend of ours- Sarah, and I went out to Hyehwa last night to one of my favorite bars, The Flair Bar after dinner in Hyehwa.  We had Shabu-Shabu and it was so delicious!  haha!  I love the bartenders at the Flair.  Because I've been going to this bar since September, it never fails that several of them come over and talk with us and hang out.  I even worked my Korean with a newer bartender.  He was really cool haha even if we couldnt speak too well together in broken English and Korean.  But it was cool.  Hahaha!

This morning I'm doing Skype calls and then getting ready to go camera shopping.  In the next few weekends I should be a bit busier and once I get a new camera I will be uploading a ton more pictures.  Next weekend is Lunar Holiday so my friend Toni and I want to go snowboarding... hoping we don't die!  haha!  But I think it'd be so fun to try!  I can at least say that I tried right??  maybe I'll succeed!?!!!  *fingers crossed* on that one!

Then the next weekend (20th)... I'm going to my old Korean teacher's wedding.  I'm actually singing at her wedding.  I'm nervous but excited for her!  She's such a sweet teacher and I really miss being her class.  Expect some pictures from the wedding!  hahaha!

But yeah sorry not much has happened... hopefully I'll get some pics up and You guys will be more entertained!!