Love Coach... ZE:A

Love Coach by ZE:A (Child of Zion)...

So for the last few hours I've been cleaning my apartment... it's been a while... haha don't judge!  I've cleaned it now and have rearranged a lot of of my apartment and have dusted... yay!  HAHA!  Here are some updated pics... hahaha... it's still kinda empty... lol!

I moved my fridge from where it was in the corner with the orange trash bag. I moved my desk over to under the window.  And the desk with the TV to the corner by my dresser.

This is the same.

----->  This is where my desk used to be and now my fridge is there.  As you can see in the pic below.
I'm a little hesitant of where I put the fridge but I needed to get it out of where it was cause I couldn't really use my "kitchen" because the mini-fridge was in my way.  hahaha.  And now I won't kick anything when I'm sleeping... haha not that I do that often but anway.  We'll see how this works out for me.  So far I like everything's placement.  I can always move the fridge back if I need to.



Foreigner Joy said...

I love moving furniture around. It is kind of like therapy. In my old place everything couldn't be moved around because there wasn't any space. also if your fridge is too small you could upgrade finding a bigger one at recycle city.