I bought a new iPod touch! I know I shouldn't have but I've been wanting to update to the one that has the speakers! I was tempted... I'll find someone to buy the old one before I leave to recover my losses since I already don't have money... But I did get it for only $200 cause I got a discount for working at walmart... LOL!

Eek... I better find someone soon or eBay it! Lol

Still no word on my visa number but now it's the weekend and the start of a new week...


i just got an update that one of my sister's friends is going to buy the old one... yay! for $150 so that should help with my losses!! lol!

i should be in bed... lol nights!

*OH and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LIL SISTER... she's 13 today! (June 27th!)