Sungbuk, South Korea... ^_^

So within the last 24 hours... a ton has happened! i'm super excited!! okay recap... yesterday i e-mailed the recruiter i've been talking to from YBM . i let him know that i received my diploma and so he then called me last night around 9:30pm my time...11:30am his time. he let me know there are positions available and he kinda asked questions and i guess what getting a feel for who i am. anyway it worked out well and we hung up letting me know that he'd be talking to schools and looking for one for me. he said he would let me know as early as today and as late as sunday or monday night.

well today i received my diploma (.....) lol and proceeded to wait and anticipate a call... which i received at 8:02 (unfortunately the phone line was not good...but i tried my best)...

he informed me that a school wanted me and wanted him to ask me if i would be able to live apart from my family and come work at their school? as well as if i have the personality to work with young children...kindergarten age (5-7 years of age (i and I answered Yes of course and just tried to let him know that's what i really was looking for and i think ended up showing my "bubbly" personality cause he was like as i can tell you are bubbly and have a good personality and that is why they have been drawn to you. i guess a picture tells a thousand words since they've seen a picture of me and my resume...

he asked if i wanted the position and i said ABSOLUTELY YES! lol!

I have a position in Sungbuk, South Seoul... hehe! I'm super excited and he told me I would start teaching August 3rd after my week of training...

when we talked last night he asked me if I would be able to have a departure date of July 21- of course I said yes! so i think around there I should be leaving! that's about 4 1/2 weeks away! (my last day at walmart is July 3rd...2 weeks from tomorrow!! yay!)

I'm sending off my pack of documents tomorrow by Fedex and once they get them we'll be working on my Visa and what-not and I think what will end up happening to make things easier for me is I'll send my passport and stuff for my Visa ahead of me to Houston and when they assign my interview time...i'll make sure it's on the day of my departure so i can leave from Houston... it's a 1-way trip from Houston to South Korea if i do that... plus i wouldn't have to drive to houston and back and then to dallas... lol

I'm super excited if you can't tell and love how this is all falling into place...



Foreigner Joy said...

Wow and congratulations~

I don't want to frighten you but it is YBM that I worked at before I quit / was fired 5 months into my contract. It wasn't exactly YBM the company but the hagwon I was at. Since you are going to a different hagwon then the one I was at I have faith it will be okay.

I really hope you know that working at a hagwon is like working at a business and not really a school. The children are more clients. They mean money for the school. Your job will be to teach them English but also keep their Mom's happy.

BAsically you will have 2 bosses. One that monitors the teachers and another that monitors everyone (the big boss).

Working there was fun and the material is pretty good.

Your location sounds great. If I could do I would work at a hagwon and pick a favorite spot in Seoul. But I can't work that much that they demand.

FYI ... you should be entering at the time of intensive periods...when the schedule is very high. I don't know if they will start you off this way. But you might want to check.

Anyways sounds like you are all set!