SS501 in Seoul!!!!! :)

So all I've been doing while anxiously awaiting my diploma is We Got Married (Korean reality tv from 2008) and obsessing over SS501 (Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng are my two favorites!!) as I sift through different people's blogs i have come upon 2 that give me all the wonderful information that I need to stay on top of Korean Pop Culture...hehe and I came upon this information...

SS501 will be in Seoul to start there tour off...on August 1st and August 2nd...!!!!!! (currently they are in Hawaii for a few least i think they're still

I hadn't heard of any information saying they would be appearing in Seoul or even South Korea for their concert so I was super ecstatic to find this information! I am hoping to be in Seoul by early to mid July...hoping of course that my diploma comes in A.S.A.P!!

I'm really tired of working at WM and can't wait to run away! I keep feeling that bit of wonder if I'll ever get away! lol! it's super weird being back but i'm trying to enjoy it while i'm here...

my phone gets cut off on Tuesday and so that'll definitely hit me that I wont really be having a phone for a long time...I've decided that when I get to Korea...I have to have a haptic phone...hehe...check out the information here! isn't it cute!! comes in different designs and what's supposed to be similar to the iphone i! it's expensive though...eeek! i guess i'll save up for my SS501 ticket before thinking about a phone! hehe!

Well I better get to bed...

*diploma better get here soon or i'm going to go crazy!!!!*