Signed. Sealed. Delivered!

As you all know... I've signed a contract to work in Sungbuk, Seoul, South Korea. My first day in the classroom by myself will be August 3rd... so i should be arriving a week and half before then. My "Academic Supervisor" has informed me that we're looking at a departure date of July 21st. :] this makes me very happy because I've been waiting a long time to get

i sent off my contract last friday... (well my mom did...hehe) via FedEx... it cost $60 for 1/2 a pound of papers to be sent Priority mail to Seoul, South! for some reason i thought $20 would cover thank goodness my mom loves me and allowed me to pay her back! haha! anywhoo... well as soon as i got that tracking number i e-mailed it off so they could track it...well then i realized it was Saturday early morning to the they wouldn't receive my e-mail until the 22nd (which was when the package was set to i was right and they received the package yesterday around 9:30pm my so like 11:30am in Seoul. I watched it go from Texas to Tennessee to Alaska to South Korea then to the school! lol even when i was with my family over the weekend camping I tracked it...from my dad's new iPhone...which he loves...I'm so!

with the package at the school, i emailed my 2 advisors to make sure they got it and sure enough i received an email after i got home tonight saying that my advisor had already received my package and even had submitted them to the immigration office in Korea to get my visa issuance # so i could get my visa a.s.a.p. as soon as i get that (in about 7-10 days) I will have to either go to Houston... or mail off my stuff and do an interview over web cam and then get my passport A.S.A.P. only problem with that is I'm scared it'll get lost or it'll take longer than normal. I have to send them my documents beforehand so we can set up an interview as soon as i get the issuance number I'm sending my documents overnight! lol! it'll cost me some money but it'll eventually be reimbursed when i get to Korea.

my friend Rhonda officially arrived in Korea yesterday and I'm super happy for her! I know she's probably having a great time getting to know everyone...and getting over jet lag...that's for! I can't wait to hang out with her in Korea when i finally get there!

I'm getting tired of ready other people's blogs that are having a good time in Korea... I'm reading to get my life on the!

i can't wait to finally be done with walmart too... which will be next Thursday as my last day! woohoo!

Schedule till then is: Tomorrow: Off Wednesday (24th) 9:00 am- 1:00 pm Thursday (25th) 7pm-11pm Friday (26th) Off Saturday (27th) 9:30am-6:30pm Sunday (28th) 5:30pm- 11pm Monday (29th) 5pm-9pm Tuesday (30th) 10:30am-7pm Wednesday (1st) Off Thursday (2nd)12:30pm-9pm then Friday was supposed to be my last day...but I'm off! lol!

These last 2 checks will help me get through my first month in Seoul... i just have to keep in mind that I'll be living there and i don't have to buy every little thing in fear that i wont see it again! haha!

I'm excited...scared...thrilled...anxious... i least mentally... i still have to buy another suitcase and actually start packing...haha... i can't believe that i only have like 3! (that's right right? i was trying to count them... obviously I'm doubting myself but i think that's right! haha!) i obviously wont really start packing till I have like 1-2 weeks left but I need to have things cleaned out of my little closet so they're ready! haha! (which I'll probably do tomorrow!) and then I'll have to repack a few times...

i need to remind myself to call the airport and ask about space bags... like if they'll search them if i have them cause I'm scared they wont have a vacuum on hand to repack them... that would be really bad!!

I've made several friends through the blogs and it makes me anxious to meet them! hehe!

kamsamnida! for reading my some of you have no choice!

i know these are boring now but i know they'll get more interesting soon! at least i'm not like filling you in on my boring days anymore... i'm trying to only blog when there's something to tell! my next one will probably be when i get my visa number and i get ready for my trip to Houston! lol!

go with god!
-gabi ^_^.


Lola O. said...

I just saw your comment and then read this entry. It is funny, you are leaving one month before me. I am planning to leave on August 21,2009. I know when I am leaving but I cannot buy my ticket till I get my visa.

I also FedExed my documents and it was so hard to hand over the $60 to pay for it but I just keep telling myself all these expenses are for a reason. I think packing will be the hardest thing for me!

I don't know where in Seoul I will be...we find out during orientation, but I am down with meeting up!

Foreigner Joy said...

I don't think you have to worry about the space bags. I have a friend here who did the same thing and seemed not to mention any problems. You may want to check for weight though. Space bags can illude you as to the weight of the bag. But who am I to talk... I had to pay extra for one of my bags being too big haha!

Bring an umbrella you are coming in the rainy season. hehe

Lola O. said...

I am working with Korea Connection but will be working for SMOE...Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. I will be doing the public school route.

Yeah, I know come August it is going to feel like I had no time at all.

Lola O. said...

I have watched both the Japanese and Korean version of BFF. I have watched so many Asian dramas (Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese). I usually just download the torrent from and the soft version of subs. I like the quality better:)

Also check out you can stream Korean need an invite so if you have an email address I can invite you.

You should check out for everything Korean. I am currently watching Brilliant Legacy and Triple right now.

Have you listened to Korean music?

Lola O. said...

Okay, I invited you so let me know if you get it!