Process begins?...

So I've been emailing with a school system over the last day and know that pretty soon (once I receive my diploma)...I will be getting a contract with a school in Seoul soon after. I tried to get them to let me get a contract but they said that because the contract and everything has to be mailed to them within 2 days of receiving a contract with them, I have to wait for my diploma. It's still exciting to know that it'll happen soon!

according to the school, they'll be printing them by the end of the week and hopefully sending them off then as well...or sending them early next's so annoying trying to work with the school...especially after graduating cause it's like they don't care anymore... the lady i e-mailed was particularly rude when i tried to ask about the diplomas...anywhoo... once it comes in i can ignore her for forever! lol!

so soon week...hopefully...i'll have a job lined up in Korea and will be leaving mid to end of July...i'm so excited!!

update to come soon!