Shopping Fun!

So it's been almost a week since I've last posted and not much has happened...diplomas came out this week...woohoo! lol! on monday we went shopping for some stuff for my sister's birthday and for my school stuff...i'm not sure what grade i'm teaching but either way i found stuff that's cute and i should be able to use for whatever age i teach. so this blog is dedicated to showing the few things that i got! ^_^.

we started at a few hit and misses and then we finally went to Michaels... i got ink pads and stickers! lol!

The stickers are from the "Littlest Pet Shop" collection! It's a sticker dispenser so it's going to be easy to use! lol! i got two boxes hoping they'll last me cause I'm a sticker maniac at!

The colors I got in the ink pads (as you can see) are Teal, Lavender, Red, Fuchsia, and Black... I like the different colors to make it not boring to see every paper that i give back! haha! AND they stack together!!! how cool!! I spent a total of $8.61 on everything so i think it was a good day!

Then we went to Adventures in a teacher store where my cousin and i just stepped in to check out if they maybe had stamps for less than $10 cause i found some at Michaels but each was about $10/each...not in my budget! haha! As soon as we walked in Melysah found this classroom stamp set!

It is super neat...includes 10 wooden stamps, 5 colored pencils, 4 star sticker sheets, and a 2-colored stamp pad! lol! Each of the stamps as you can see can be useful in the classroom! I might even try to use the Sign & Return!!! That's all we got was about $14...not

Then we went to a Party Superstore...Card and Party Factory... we found some things for leslie's party and then I also found a few fun things...

2 flags... Texas flag and Mexican flag...still looking for the American Flag...thought it would be good to kinda have international I got a mardi gra mask maybe for halloween or and I got a Clapboard a directors... i thought it'd be cool to have something like this for fun in the classroom! haha!

everything for $5.70...

it was a successful day!

I can't wait to hear back from the school...



Foreigner Joy said...

Kids will love that stuff.

When you are here you can shop for more. There are stationary stores that are full of kiddy stuff!! I would end up spending a fortune in those stores if it weren't for self control. haha