6 months... ^^

So yesterday (22nd) was the day that marked my being in Korea for 6 months... how amazing!  And I've managed not to get run over by buses and scooters!  Even better!  Through the last 6 months, I've definitely grown to love Korea and what it has to offer.  I've learned a bit of Korean and have seen a lot.  I really feel at home here and love saying I live in Korea. 

It's so strange cause pretty soon I will have to start my application process to start in a new school by September.

I'm excited that everything is still as amazing as when I first arrived in Korea.

well enough of me babbling about loving Korea...

I should get back to work... cause it's Saturday... and I have to be at work today...!



Lola O. said...

Congrats!!! May the next 6 months be even better:)

Foreigner Joy said...

Cool beans

Anna said...

Congratulations on your 6 months mark! That's awesome! :)