F.Cuz (Focus)...

Hehe... Because I can!  Too cute!

Well... my school was canceled today (Jan. 4th) and now morning classes have been canceled for tomorrow... still no word on if afternoon will be canceled as well... We shall see I guess... unfortunately it means Saturday school for (2 Saturdays to be exact!... so far...) but i guess that is sorta okay cause i dont do anything on saturdays a lot of the times and if i do it's in the afternoons!  Haha!  The snow is crazy here!  I like it but it's so cold!!  Do you like the snow??  I'm staying pretty bundled and trying to get better cause i've been a bit sick.  Things are sorta starting to look up for me... I guess we'll have to see how the rest of the week goes! 

Everyone stay warm and hope the New Year has been good to you so far!  ^^