Snowy times in Seoul...

This week was pretty normal besides the snow fall that I already talked about!  Apparently, it's the first time in about 75 years that it's snowed this much here in Seoul!  so crazy!?!!!  Anyway...  Friday night (1/8) after work, I met up with Kelsey in Korea to go see Avatar in 3D in Miasamgeori!  We headed out and got to see it just at the time that I had wanted and good seats too!!  Not too close but not too far away... kinda in the middle!  haha those were the last 2 seats in a good area!  haha!  I was super excited!!  ^^  Avatar was good.  I enjoyed it!  The 3D was definitely nice and cool!!  ^^  After watching the movie, we decided to go out to dinner.  We, both, had never been to Miasamgeori so we just walked around a bit and looked for a place... we found a really nice Chinese restaurant and enjoyed a great dinner!  ^^  After dinner, we both headed home.

This morning (1/9), I woke up at about 8:00am to meet my friend at Sinsa station.  After we met up and did a few errands we went to get some lunch before heading to get our hair done at Hair and Love in Cheongdam.  Love Love LOVE this place!  I would definitely recommend them.  The owner speaks English and apparently so does his wife.  This has been my 3rd time going but my friends all go there as well.  So my friend and I headed there and got started on the all-day makeovers... haha.  So, we got there at like 12:20pm.  I was getting my hair chemically straightened (for the 1st time... haha) as well as my bangs touched up and a short trim.  My friend was getting blonde highlights and a trim.  about 20 minutes in, our friend arrived to also get her hair done.  Haha so this place wasnt too packed which was good.  ^^.  My favorite guy was doing my hair for the most part and I really like his work.  He apparently has been working on his english cause he said a bit more to me this time around!  haha!  So... it was a long day and process... i feel the need to explain what i went through just cause... haha!

After arriving, I had my hair washed.  After washing, the chemical straightening was brushed in, pretty thorough.  After that, they saran-wrapped my hair... hehe so attractive!  Then he checked on it and put different saran wrapping after he put more chemical straightening.  After a while (seriously a long while) and after being put under a hair dryer, I got my hair washed a 2nd time this time massage included.  (that's what I love about Korea... you get a massage with your hair getting done... ^^.)  afterwards, he started drying my hair and straightening... kinda going to test if the straightening worked... this took a while... believe me...  afterwards... he says:  okay wash now.  i said again!?  HAHAHA... so another wash... 3rd time... another massage.  then i was sat on a waiting room chair as they dried my hair then they came after a little bit of waiting... they came and put in the bleach.  After more waiting... haha (makes me think of 2PM's song Tired of Waiting...haha)... they then washed my hair for a 4th time... another massage (i'm really not complaining...haha!!) and then my hair was dried and what-not.  After this, the owner came over and trimmed my hair and thinned it out.  YAY!  which means... YES... I'm finished!!  (my 3 friends had already finished before me... haha)... took 7 hours... and 240,000 Won later!  haha!  I say the price because well I think it's a great price for everything I got done... a.) Hair Straightening, b.) Hair Bleaching, c.) Hair trim and thinning.  So 4 washings.. and 3 massages included.  ^^.

After the wonderful day at Hair and Love... we went out to meet some friends at On the Border in Coex for dinner.  Yummy Mexican food... something I definitely miss about home... (my home haha... since my family is Mexican... ^^)...

Tomorrow... I don't really have any plans yet but maybe stay home and clean cause my apartment is super dirty!  Haha!  ^^

Hopefully this upcoming week is just as great!



Lola O. said...

I always smile when I read your blog entries because they are just so happy:)

I can't wait for next month to come:)

SeoulSearching said...

Awe! Thanx!!!

I can't wait for you to get here!! So exciting! Do you know details just yet?? ^^

hapa.babe said...

so how does your hair look now??