Today I went out with a friend exploring Seoul.  We started at Hansung station and walked to Hyehwa (about 10 mins no problem...haha).  In Hyehwa we grabbed lunch at McDonalds.  After leaving McD. we decided to walk to Myeongdong and wherever from there.  We made it to Myeongdong!  YAY!  lol we explored a bit... stopped to get a drink and a donut at Dunkin Donuts and then decided to head out once again.  After leaving Myeongdong... we grabbed a random bus and eventually got off at what we thought was Yongsan but found to be Seoul station... so then we walked to Seoul station from wherever we got off at and decided to try to find Yongsan.  We walked around for a while looking for Yongsan and got teasingly close but never found it.  haha.  We then decided to head back and eventually got to Sungkyunkwan University and took the subway there to Ichon.  After arriving in Ichon we walked around a bit (there was really on agenda on this whole trip.  haha so fun!!).  After walking around Ichon a bit, it had started to get chilly so we thought we'd catch a bus to random somewhere or back to Hyehwa.  We grabbed a bus and then a little while longer we spotted I'Park Mall... which was our previous destination for Yongsan... so we decided to get off and explore in there.  I am looking for a new camera so I wanted some ideas but found it a bit intimidating with all the clerks pretty much begging for your attention.  I didnt know if I should look at them or just say no thanks or what?!?  haha but fortunately we made it through and decided to head back to Hyehwa.  So we went back to the previous bus stop and found a bus to take us straight to Hyehwa.  The Bus was crowded... i'm not exagerrating... we were at the front and i had to get in this special corner so the door wouldn't hit me... and believe me it hit me... the bus driver didn't give any warning to the door randomly opening.  I think he must have had a boring day and just wanted to have fun with the foreigners... lol.  we had a pretty good drive though... being up front was interesting... great view though!  haha!  In Jongno we saw a lit-up horse drawn carriage!!  So pretty!!

We eventually got off a million stops later in hyehwa and grabbed some KFC and Subway.  which then ended our long adventurous day.  we started at 12pm and left hyehwa at 7:15... lots of walking... 1 subway ride and 3 buses... we both took a bus to our homes!  ^^

It was fun and I would definitely recommend spending a day exploring... getting lost... jumping on random buses!  we discovered a lot of really neat places!