Through Rain or Slush...

So it's been a while since I updated and thought that since I have a bit of a break in my phone teaching that I'd update with what's been going on in the last week and a half!  ^^

Well the last time I posted it had snowed... and I was home after a very long day at Hair and Love.  Well, Monday (11th) I had plans but those quickly got canceld... XD  that's okay... whatever!  haha!  On Wednesday I met with my friend Sun in Hongdae for our Korean Language lesson.  She's really cool and I really enjoy meeting up with her!  Nothing really happened during that week cause I had school on Saturday (16th)... School on Saturday went pretty quick (thankfully...haha)... it was a half-day and so afterwards I met a friend to go to Hyehwa for a late lunch at McDonalds and then to Gwanghwamun (광화문) to check out Kyobo (bookstore) and see if we could go iceskating... unfortunately it was full at the hour we wanted to go and I couldn't go at the later time so we decided to make other plans.  We were meeting a friend so we decided to head back to Hyehwa to our favorite galbi place... love love love galbi... hehe!  So we ate galbi and then I had to leave to meet my friends at Seoul Station.

I met my friends to go to Lucky Seven Casino there in Seoul Station at the Hamilton.  It was interesting... I've never been to a casino before so I didn't really know what to expect.  My friends said it was a lot quieter than most casinos are because people weren't really talking... haha!  But anyway so I was at the slot machines for a bit then we decided to head out... I won some money!... woohoo... then... I lost it... boo!  but it's okay... it was fun while it lasted!  ^^  After leaving the Casino, we decided to head out to Itaewon and see what it had in store for us... so we went to a bar with a bunch of friends and just chilled out.  It was a friendly atmosphere and we headed home around 1 or 2...

Sunday I met up with Kelsey in Korea and we went off to Gwanghwamun again because I needed to return something to the book store (btw... the bookstore staff pretty much rocks cause anyone i talked to spoke English... haha).  we looked around and then decided for dinner at On the Border in Samseong... which (me being smart) took us the long way to Samseong cause I thought Sinsa... HAHA it's okay... we got our food and over-stuffed... We checked out Coex mall and walked around for awhile.  It was nice just hanging out!

On Monday, I met my friend Jei in Changdong and a new friend (to me) to eat some Dalk-Galbi... so delicious!!  ^^ Afterwards, we went to Baskin Robbins and had some lattes and just chatted.  Yesterday (19th), I met up with Jei and met some new friends for some Son-gap-sal... (spelling??  haha don't know but whatever)... it was delicious!  ^^

Today is pretty much my catch-up on rest day!  HAHA!  I'm working on this phone teaching then heading home to have some yummy food!

^^  Hopefully I'll get back into updating smaller posts at a time... as opposed to weeks at a time!

Hope everyone is staying warm... Here it's going pretty good with weather... rain now... which makes snow slushy... haha but overall it's getting better to endure!  haha!!

Thanx for reading!!!!