Transfer Success!

Today was a good day!  I got up at around 10:30 and mulled around before meeting Joy (Foreigner Joy <-Click) and her bf, Jay in Hongdae to grab some lunch.  It's nice being out during the day!  HAHA!  especially since I worked yesterday and today was my only free day this week... We grabbed some wonderful sandwiches at Jenny's Bread... delicious sandwiches... they make their own bread and had fresh veggies... so Good!  next time I go I'll have to take pics!  But Joy took some so hopefully they'll be up soon!!  ^^

After finishing lunch, I left Hongdae to go to Apgujeon to meet some friends for a movie.  We saw Sherlock Holmes.  I'd seen it before (if we remember Christmas day)... but since I fell asleep I was excited to see the whole thing!!  It was good and afterward, I decided to head home... I had found that I could take a bus from really close to the movie theater home... that's really exciting for me cause to get to the subway is a trek in itself!  haha!  Plus I hate transfering on the subway, as well as, the walk home from the subway... haha!  So I found on this really cool application on my Ipod touch that my friend, Jei, told me about... (it's called IKorway btw! has subway and bus stations... plus easy transfer cars...really awesome!)...anyway... haha found that if I take the bus from that area it would take me to Hyehwa and from Hyehwa I could jump on another bus to my home!

It was an easy process... haha it took less than 30 minutes to hyehwa and then from hyehwa i got on another bus... which was super packed after leaving hyehwa... seriously people were pushed against both doors that i was afraid i wouldnt get out of the car... haha i was texting and a girl was looking over my shoulder at one point and i wrote something in korean just to amuse her... HAHAHA... so funny... and then when it got to my stop i turned to her and in korean said i'm sorry and pointed to the door... and then when it was my stop I said excuse me in korean and i think everyone was a bit shocked... hahahaha... and pushed my way out the front door... HA!

All in all it was a successful trip home all the way from Apgujeon!  That's another thing I'm proud of from being here 6 months... I can successfully take the bus system!  YAY!