Day 1......

It's been an interesting day.  I guess I can count this as Day 1 of foot recovery.  Jei left early this morning after making sure I was okay.  And I slept a bit more after she left.  Once I woke up, I tried to skype my parents to tell them I was okay but couldn't get a hold of them... they were at the movies as I found out later.  So I called my grandma and aunt to talk to them a bit because I knew they were worried about my accident.  Afterward I just ate some crackers and chips and took my first set of pain medicines.  The side effects weren't too severe today which makes me think that I will make it through school the rest of the week.

I then proceeded to watch a movie as I elevated my leg.  But not before starting a load of laundry.  It's a leap to get in my bathroom (literally)... each time I get nervous I won't make it and end up face planting into my toilet... so I try to minimize the amount of times to go into the bathroom.  After starting laundry... I called my friend, Stephanie, in the states to chat and it was great.  It has made me feel a bit better being able to talk to people at home cause it makes me feel that I'm not so far away.  After talking with her I started up a movie after talking with some friends here about how I'm doing.  I really enjoy all my friends checking up on me.  I can really tell they care and it makes me feel so much better.  Before watching some movies, I did a few chores just cleaning up the trash on my table and cleaning out the litter box.  After watching a movie I set up the laundry around my house... was an interesting feat but I did it.  I also even attempted a shower.  YAY!

I think it's been a successful day and I'm about ready to eat dinner and take round 2 of my meds before heading to bed.  Tomorrow I'm heading to the doctor with my friend Kelsey and hope that it doesn't last long.

The next 4 weeks this blog will probably be a bit boring but I'll try to keep it interesting.  As I work on my Korean I'll try to also add some key phrases in here!

Well I better eat and get Uyu entertained or it will be another night of meowing and disturbed sleep!


Foreigner Joy said...

Good job! But I would advice drinking something and worry about the bathroom later. You don't want to get dehydrated. I was wondering if you considered whether there were cameras on that street. ?

SeoulSearching said...

Thanx Joy! Oh I'm drinking lots of fluids no worries! Just trying to minimize the amount of times i go in there to do other things. like laundry. putting things away. to just 1 trip. lol but i should be laying here... lol so i'm working on minimizing A LOT of different trips around my mini-apartment. LOL!