Give me a Call!

Press Play and Read away!:

This weekend started early... Friday we had a school holiday! yay! i really was happy for this cause i think it was time for a break! haha! So thursday afternoon, rosie and i went to Itaewon to get me a phone! yay! i got a phone but unfortunately it wasn't charged then later i found out that i got the wrong charger... (i got that fixed on friday)... anyway... isn't it cute? it's a bit hard to text because i'm used to T9... and i have to press the over button to space but overall it's good! ^^. I like it! hehe! i did get a weird call from someone stating they wanted their phone number back... (here you can pick your last 4 digits of your number... i had chosen my bday but it wasn't available so they changed the number)... apparently it belonged to someone who left then came back... well whatever... it's mine now! haha!

well after getting the phone i met rosie back up in Dongdaemun Stadium to do some shopping... we then met up with 2 Korean teachers who we are friends with and got to just chill out at this NEW restaurant in Dongdaemun called Chicken Factory. It was really good and i highly recommend it... unfortunately i didn't have my camera so i didnt take a picture! a cute chinese waiter waited on us! :-P... after that we went to an underground mall and i even found a place that I can buy clothes! (that's extremely bad but good! haha)... it seemed nice! i can't wait to go back and peruse...

well after walking around for a bit we split ways and went home!

Saturday... we went to the Hamilton Hotel rooftop to go swimming!It was nice to get out and just chill out! There were a lot of people... especially many men in small shorts or speedos... so funny! haha totally unattractive but whatever! i hadnt really planned on swimming but just laying out... i was convinced to jump in and had a great time!

it got more and more crowded by the hour! and if people dont think that korean people have tattoos.. they're wrong... i definitely saw a lot of tattoos... that threw my awkwardness out the window about my back tattoo... hah!
it was a good day! i quite enjoyed it!!
After the pool we went out and just hung out... talked and what-not and got a nice ... it's always fun to just chill out with friends!! ^^