Goodbye Summer International Party

YAY! the weekend is just hours away... teasing every last one of my coworkers (and myself of course...) everything i could need for a weekend... just hours away! (5 hours from now actually...)

not much planned but to go home (or get dinner first... we'll see...) and read this book i've become obsessed with (and no it's not Twilight... i AM obsessed with Twilight too so don't breathe a sigh of relief just yet!)... my friend let me borrow it and it's called Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr... it's about faeries... and you thought i was going to get away from mythical creatures... ha-ha-ha i laugh in your face! i'll probably finish reading it and have to find the 2nd book called Ink Exchange... which is supposed to be surrounded around tattoos... which i know tons about... okay not tons cause i only have 4... but whatever... ^^...

if i do finish it...soon i'll have to maybe take a trip to Itaewon's What the Book ... which i heard has a great selection of books in english and also apparently might have this book in stock... i'll probably call in advance just in case... but of course it might be a while before then... ^^

tomorrow night... i'm going to this Goodbye Summer International Party in Shinchon at the HANA cafe and pub... i am writing this blog to any foreigner or non-foreigner so that you can come and have a good time... i've never been to it but i heard it's going to be a blast! many people to befriend!... or you know... lol jk! it starts at 8pm and you take Shinchon (line 2 green line) and exit at exit 3... take a straight shot till you see HANA cafe and pub on your Right... you'll probably see a million people or's 15,000 Won to get in... for unlimited draft beer and food... i dont drink beer but the food should be good! if you're thinking of going and want to meet up... which i have no problem with! haha! email me... click the picture on the right and then click email on your left... ^^... it should be a fun night! we're going to be out all night and possibly visit hongdae which is like a hop... skip... and a jump away!

I'll officially have been in Korea for 1 month... tomorrow... so its sort of a celebration night!

well i'm off to read for about 10 minutes before i go back to teaching for the rest of the afternoon...


Stephanie Trejo said...

it's sooo crazy that you've been there a month! i miss you! abilene is just not the same without you :(

also, why am not surprised that you've become obsessed with faeries. lol

love ya friend!

algol said...


You come from Abilene?

as in "The Road to Abilene" Abilene?


SeoulSearching said...

haha well that's where i went to school in abilene... ACU to be exact cause there are 3 there... haha!

algol said...

so you must have taken the Road to Abilene many times?