I hate you

Press Play and read... not that this will be long enough to listen to it all! but do!!

It even has english subs!

Today i went to the bank and opened a bank account! I received my ARC card last Thursday and Thursday afternoon I received a phone! woohoo!!

It's been pretty much amazing to be able to get stuff here in Korea and know that i'm developing my life more and more in Korea! it just makes me so excited to know that i have a bank account here! hehe! ^^ i can't wait to make more friends and be able to call people up and be like lets meet here or there... lol! so far i have about 4 friends in my phone but hopefully pretty soon i'll have more! Next month I hope to start taking Korean classes at our head office cause we get a discount for taking it through our school! i'm excited! i know a bit now but i want to know it to where i'll use it and be actually able to hold a conversation with someone in Korean! that'll definitely take some time... but i'm excited to actually be pursuing it!

^^ i knew this would be a short one! hope everyone will have a good night (or day depending on where you are on this big big world!!)


Anna said...

Good luck with your Korean classes! I'm sure you'll learn a ton! :)

Foreigner Joy said...

What is your work schedule like? I have the next 3 days off till I go back to work next monday.

algol said...

if you post your phone number, we could call you


SeoulSearching said...

haha yeah that sounds like a good idea... :-P not!