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This week was the beginning of teaching for me and it's definitely been 1 heck of a week! I wont go into much details! but it's been a good and interesting week!! this blog is more about what i did after work today. I actually left work earlier than other days cause tomorrow has been planned since yesterday! haha! :-P

I was walking home wondering what I was going to go eat... I havent stocked up on much food... which I need to do but anyway... I was thinking about how i could eat close to home... just some random restaurants around the area... as I was crossing the 2nd street I decided to eat at what looked like a chicken place and decided okay what the heck... so i walked in... and i was greeted nicely... it was a small place and she pointed at something on the wall and I think was asking me if i wanted to eat there or to go cause I was standing by the door... usually that means you want it to go... but i was contemplating... to go or to stay... so i stayed... i didnt want to be rude but when she pointed at something else it said it cost 9,000 Won... I was like AAAHHH that's expensive for 1 person... well she brought out spicey fried chicked with sweet radish (i think)... I instantly realized why many people do not eat out alone... cause they bring so much that 2 people can share... after i was full... definitely after 3 smaller pieces... i figured out how to say: can i take this? and so i went and asked her and she understood (or i think so...haha) and made a box (or bag) shape and then took my plate and filled a to go bag... ^_^.

the food was delicious and definitely made me happy that I could do this... any little thing makes me happy to know that living in Korea for the next several years is do-able.

I registered for my Alien Registration Card (ARC) on Monday and hope it comes in soon so I can get a phone and a bank account... lol!

I haven't taken many pics of the area or food but I'll go ahead and upload some pics i have taken! Or you can click above to my Photos tab or my facebook link to the right!

Dunkin Donuts near my school... second day in Korea

Fun trip to Itaewon the first weekend!!

Mnet! My favorite tv station!

My tv has been updated! lol like the satellite and everything has gotten cooler! lol! ^_^. I think when I turn it off to head out it must have updated itself when i uploaded a new program... anywho! I think it's cool! ^_^!!