So after my last day of observation on Monday (August 27th)... there was vacation... but... i didnt really have a vacation... Tuesday i did cause i got to move into my apartment! and just lazy around while working on my apartment... lol! Wednesday we started orientation... it was at our school and it definitely was nice to not have to go far distances to get there... it takes approximately 15 minutes to get to my school from my apartment! yay! it's a pretty nice walk actually... cross some streets... get run over by a cab or two! lol!

anyway orientation was okay... some good parts... interesting... long definitely! it lasted from wednesday morning 10-6pm... through friday... it definitely helps to have ideas and what-not...

after orientation i set out on an adventure to meet up with Rosie and some of her friends in Hongdae. it was a subway ride away... and me on a subway alone may have been disastrous... :-P ...but i made it in record time! haha maybe not! :-P but i still made it!

i got to meet some Korean friends of Rosie's and definitely had a great time! we went to a jazz bar and then later to a japanese food place where they served a type of japanese drink (soju-type)... definitely pretty good! we all hung out till we finally went home at around like what 3am? Hongdae was definitely busy but fun cause i got to hang out with people! haha!

saturday and sunday were pretty much lazy days! :-P I wish i wouldve gotten to go to SS501's 1st asia tour concert here in Seoul... but it was about 45 minutes from me... AND tickets sold out in 30 minutes... so... pretty much impossible!! but i heard it went well!! saw some fan-cam shots! :-P wonderful pics too!

anywhoo! i love korean tv btw! i'm currently watching Monk on Fox lol with Korean subtitles... and it's great to not have commercials! like there's rarely any commercials between shows! I love it! ^_^.

okay now i'm off to grade papers! hehe!!


Lola O. said...

I'm glad that you are settling in nicely and having fun. Only 3 weeks left before I leave.