on your marks...

today was the first day of teaching for me as a new foreign teacher... that's exciting stuff isn't it? well it didn't go as smoothly as i planned or didnt plan... but i got through it and know that hopefully tomorrow i'll be more loose and smooth... like not to think so hard about it cause it'll work out no matter what... i'm still teaching them even if it is about myself or my family! lol they're learning AND speaking english!

I got in around 8:00am to get a head start... i started classes at 9:50 and think i did okay... then another class 10:30 (it came quick too!)... that class i had for 2 sessions so until 11:50 then i came back for another class at 12:40... i missed a class because i hadnt received the revised schedule for our summer intensives and almost freaked out cause well i had to still get ready for my afternoon classes (i had set aside that time to work on afternoon classes... but i had a movie class to tend to...) i was reassured by some wonderful Korean teachers that it was okay... it was my first day... my director wasn't upset at me either and helped me figure out what to do for the next step. going into the next class after the movie class wasnt bad either cause i had about 20 minutes to prepare for whatever... lol i went to my last 2 classes fine... in between those classes i had a break cause my 1:1 student wasnt there so i got to organize things my way in order to really know what i was doing... it helped out a lot...

although i'm still confused on a few things... it was my first day and i know things can only go up from here!

i know i'll enjoy teaching the kids too... they all seem sweet... but it could be cause the good bunch actually came today! ^_^.

i'll update again soon!!