Rearrange it!

Well today has marked my 1 month here in Korea!  Crazy huh!?  so 1 month being in Korea... 1 month (exactly) till my birthday!  I'll be turning the big 2-1!  which really doesn't matter here in Korea cause well... i'm of age as it is!  haha!  In Korea I am 22 and if i know this right... i'll be 22 even after i turn 21... haha!  i've already had some korean friends calling me Noona... which means older sister to a guy... gah!!

All day i've just been inside... tonight is that party i mentioned previous blog and I'm excited to be going!  I'm meeting a new friend at 9pm and then at 10pm i'll be meeting 2 of my friends from orientation to head to the party!  YAY!  since i've been trapped inside... i've done laundry... yay for clean clothes... i need to begin to hang them up around my apartment...

i have also managed to rearrange my apartment... my camera died so i had to use my Mac and so the pictures are a bit weird... lol but i think you'll get the gist... enjoy the pics!
 I removed the huge tv from my desk so i could actually have a place to work at... :-P... pics are up as well of my family... just a few i could scavenger for... :-P

the view from my door... my bed is never made... i attempted today but the blanket inside the covers wouldn't cooperate... it's tangled within itself... how weird...

i'm off to hang clothes and get ready for tonight!!  :-P


Foreigner Joy said...

My birthday is Sept. 30th sounds like we have close bdays ^^