i always needed time on my own...

So i have tons to update... hehe this will probably be 2 (or 3) different blogs cause a ton of stuff has happened... hehe i've been out and about more now that I've been paid!  (good and bad thing!!  hehe!)

okay let's start with last thursday, september 10th!  After a long day at school, I took the subway and I met up with a new friend/ language exchange help.  It was really cool!  i went to Guro... an unknown part of Seoul that I've never been to... by myself!  Success!  I made it late unfortunately because Seoul Station was mega-busy and mega-confusing!  especially with the transfers and what-not!  lol!  but we met and just chit-chatted for a bit!  I'm slowly making more Korean friends which I love because it means I can be here for a long time and have connections!  ^_^.  okay so after a little while, we split ways because it was getting late and I still had a 40 minute subway ride back home!

Friday, (11th)...i took the subway and i met up with my friend Janessa in sinchon for a Hana international cafe night.. we got some dinner at a pizza place that i forgot the name of... it was pretty good... apparently geared towards women!  haha!  anywhoo... funny thing... we went to this Hana cafe and walking up the stairs we were getting excited and then they asked us... Chinese or Japanese?  my mind was like American?  lol but turns out friday nights is just Chinese/ Japanese exchange night... so Saturday was when we were SUPPOSED to be there.... well then we took the subway and met up my friends later in Hyehwa (closer to where I live) for some drinks.  well then my friend went home and it was me, rosie, and danny (a new foreign teacher)... we then decided to go to a noraebang!  yay!  i seriously love noraebangs!  hehe!  we stayed out quite late... we finally went home at like 3am... hehe!  I walked from Hyehwa to my neighborhood in Seongbuk... it was a 15-20 minute walk so it went really well!  hehe (that's how close it was!)... anywhoo... I had to get up the next day to meet a friend so i was booking it to sleep!  lol!

Saturday (12th)... i took the subway and i met up with my friend, Bong, in Hongdae to go watch his technology department play in some outdoor sports.  it had been raining so we didnt know for sure if it would still be going on.  haha anyway (i'll upload some pics in a sec!)  it was a fun day at Hongik University... rain eventually came... putting the soccer game on pause for a little while!  but overall it was really cool!  I was pretty much the only foreigner there!  haha!  well we then left later on and Bong showed me around Insadong!  I had previously gone with Rosie and Karrin but had forgotten my camera so i actually brought it this time!  yay!  (pics next!)

well it is a really cool shopping area to buy trinkets and what-not to send home or put up in your house!  we went into the Ssamge building where it was super cool!  This building was really cool in my opinion!  I really enjoyed the art put into every store’s collection of items on display.  I felt that each person really had passion for the items they were selling.  It was really nice to see what beautiful items were on display and what treasures I could find throughout this shopping area.  The building was very personable and I loved being able to walk around and view everything.  It was a unique shopping area and I would recommend it for anyone for a nice day of shopping.  You can get pretty much get anything that can be designed by hand here in this area.  Even just knowing that someone spent time on your item is amazing!!

after leaving the Ssamge building... we walked to a really cool Tea House.  It had a great feel of relaxation and calmness.  It is a museum where you can walk around and view different tea sets as well as tea items.  It seriously was really relaxing... it was kinda sad to leave cause walking outside made it definitely less of a calm atmosphere!  haha!  I'm really glad to know where this place is and I would recommend anyone to go!!
later that night... (busy day!!)... i took the subway and i met up with some friends for dinner and met a cool new friend from the U.K. and we took her to noraebang!  it was a really cool night!!
(seriously i should break this into a mini series but i've waited long enough to tell everyone!  hehe!  the next post will have the pics!)...