i always needed time on my own...2

Sunday (13th)...I took a subway and I met my friend Rhonda in Gangnam.  (i'm riding the subway like a pro at this point!  haha!)  we had dinner at dos tacos in gangnam... so yummy!  i've been craving mexican food for some time at this point... ^_^.  definitely helped!  hehe!  then we went to this cafe where they offer Dr. Fish... Dr. Fish is super cool where you can go and put your feet in a tank of fish where they eat the dead skin from your feet!  it's so weird but super cool!!  hehe!  you buy a drink and then pay 2000Won more for the Dr. Fish!  ^_^.

After we finished there we went to Kyobo towers to check out the book store... it is a great place to get some good books!  I didnt get any here because I wanted to check out another book store later!  lol!  after leaving Kyobo towers... we went to Aritraum... a makeup store (not sure on the spelling...hehe)... but it was nice stuff!  I got some hair stuff... I didnt have any what-so-ever... so my hairs been pretty flat... now everyone wonders where my curly hair is coming from!  ^^.  After leaving Rhonda...i took the subway and went to Itaewon to check out what the book and find the rest of the book series i'm obsessed with... the one about fairies... i mentioned it a while back!  hehe!  Then i finally went home!
on monday (14th)... my friend and i took the subway and went to Dongdaemun stadium to do some shopping!  i found a great place to get clothes and I bought some pretty awesome outfits!  hehe!  tuesday (15th)... i took a random trip to Itaewon in the middle of the day to get a book I had ordered at what the book... between classes... pretty much i was running so i could make it back in time for classes!  haha!  then later that night... my friend and i walked to hyehwa to eat subway!  yummy!!!  we went and had a drink or two and just chilled out!  yesterday... we stayed in and had pizza and wine... yummy!!  while doing hair... yay!  today we took the subway and went to visit a friend and just chill out!
I've pretty much been on the subway like every day for the last week!!  (except for yesterday!)
It was a busy weekend and last few days!!  I love it!  It's so great knowing I can get around here!!  hehe!  I still have so long to go... i've already decided to stay for a long time... it feels good to know I sorta have a plan!  hehe!!
next tuesday is my birthday!  yay!  i'll be the big 2-1!  how weird!!  i'm celebrating with my really great friends here in korea!  i'm so excited!!!  ^_^.!!  AND it'll officially be my 2nd month in Korea!
okay i've talked enough!  now i'll go add some pics to a new blog!!