Night on the Town!

Yesterday started out going to Itaewon to meet up with my friend Rhonda for a late birthday celebration.  ^_^.  We went and ate some really great Indian food to start the day at about 3PM so lunch time!  haha!  then after hanging out for a few hours at the restaurant we then went to WhatTheBook bookstore to check out some books.  Rhonda had been telling me about the books that the movie, He's Just Not That Into You, was based on so i was a bit determined to go find it.  LOL!  we found them and a few other books too.  WhatTheBook deserves it's own post so I'll do that next!  After leaving there, our food had taken some time to settle so we walked to find someplace to satisfy our sweet tooth.  We decided on going to Baskin Robbins (yes that's right Baskin Robbins in Korea... pretty much my 2nd time in my life to be in one... and they were both in Korea....hehe)... after ordering our Mocha Almond and Green Tea cups... Rhonda also decided to order a birthday hat... lol!  I refused to wear it!!  haha!  but as we sat and ate our icecream (BY THE WINDOW) i wore the hat... lol talk about attractive... haha!  Then we decided to leave and check out a few places... we walked up and down the main street in Itaewon looking for a bar to just sit and check out guys... (it's about 5 or  5:30 at this point)... so we found an Irish pub place in the backstreets and it was pretty nice.  We had a few lemon drop shots and I had a cosmopolitan.  there were unfortunately only old men around and no cuties waiting for our attention!  lol!

We left around 7 and I accidentally left my hat there... well Rhonda remembered and ran back to get it while the waitresses were playing with it!  lol!  so funny!!!!   After rescuing the hat... Rhonda decided she would wear it!  lol!!  so by this time we are hungry again and we decide to go to Outback (yes Outback in Korea as well... 1st time to go...) and split a plate.  It was pretty yummy... the waitstaff were sorta cute... kinda dorky but 1 guy accidentally dropped off a beer at our table and we were like wait what??  this isnt ours??  haha!  but whatever he was cute... we sent it back cause we arent really beer drinkers... haha

then after leaving Outback we decided to head to Helios.  I've never been Helios but apparently around 10 or so it gets bumpin... (oh yeah i said it... lol)... it was around close to 9... i think... lol and so we head over... sit at a table alongside 2 Korean women... who dont really know any english but whatever we're chillin on our own... Rhonda is still wearing the birthday hat at this point and has had a million people asking her if it's her birthday and of course we respond with YES!  lol!

After a while at Helios, we have had a few drinks (2) and are just hanging out still waiting for the cute/hot guys to arrive... it's apparently dinner time still and they're not out yet to party... cause at Helios it's like a restaurant/ bar/ club... we ordered fries and water when we got there and so it wasn't really into the swing of things yet.  Around 10 the music gets a bit happier and we're singing along and sorta dancing... haha at our table... cute guys are walking in slowly... around this time too the korean women next to us are attempting to talk to us and 1 of them is super drunk!  haha!  she's like pretty girl/ beautiful girl.  dance!  *scream* and at one point headlocks the waiter to kiss Rhonda cause it's her birthday.  (it didnt happen.. lol) but we were both like WTHeck!?!?  WOW!  we were both cracking up!  Then she decides because we are drinking water... that she needs to buy us beers... ugh!  i need to learn how to say I dont like beer in Korean!  but it's okay we didnt stay long enough to drink them just courteously drink it as she toasted... haha!  THEN she grabs my arm (this is where i know she's super drunk cause she grabbed me hard... lol) and pulls me to dance and i look at Rhonda and force her and the girls friend to dance and now we're on the dance floor... dancing away then she pulls Rhonda in to dance with (on?) her... that's when Rhonda regretted wearing the birthday hat!   we left after 1 1/2 songs... haha!  left  the beers and the super drunk new friend and sober (apologetic) new friend!

we had to catch subways back so we had to leave around 10:30...

Overall it was a fun night...

at the end before I got off the subway... I saw a cute Korean guy reading a book (in front of me cause the subways semi-packed at this point) and then as we both get ready to get off... he goes to put it in his Louis Vuitton bag (mini-bag) similar to this pic: 

i know that he's straight but i cant get past the Korean guys carrying purses... not all of them do it but most of them do... and they carry their girlfriend's purses too!!

AAHH!  well that was the end of my night yesterday... oh and i stayed up and finished the abridged version of the book i got!  haha!