September 1st

It's officially September 1st and a month full of possibilities!  Today is the start of the new semester here at school and I've taken on 2 new classes.  My load is still the same so nothing really new changed... I have 8 classes Monday, Wedneday, Fridays and 7 on Tuesday and Thursdays.  I've picked up 2 new classes called Faces and English World and those are for ultimate newbies... isn't that exciting?  reminds me of my time in China where my kids didn't know anything at all.  This will hopefully be an exciting adventure and will allow me to see how I am actually helping korea!

This month, also, will be my birthday month!  woohoo!  I'm still excited that I'm turning the big 2-1 even if in Korea you only have to be 18 to drink!  haha!  also i think i've mentioned this before but i'm 22 according to Korea's rules for births... haha!  i still have 21 days until then but I'm hoping to do something fun... ^^

If you are in Korea and possibly want to meet up... just message me!  my email is on my profile if you just want to click on the picture on the right it will take you there!  we can meet up and have lunch or something!  i'm always up to making new friends!  Also, if you want to be a language exchange partner... I would love that too!  i'm always trying to learn Korean more and more!  ^^  My plan is to stay in Korea for a while... and just see what opens up!

I'm really hoping to get to visit a lot of the areas around me and hopefully remember my camera!  last weekend I tagged along with my friend to Insadong and I forgot my camera!  :( ... we even rode a bus back home!  haha!

well i'm going to go work on Korean cause my next class at 3:45 is my newbies... maybe they'll appreciate if I try to communicate with them!?... somehow...  lol!