Sorry for the inconvenience!

so... as you can see there are many little signs up around my super neat blog that say photobucket bandwidth exceeded... after doing some research i have discovered that i need to work through each of my codes OR wait till it fixes itself... which it will do but i'm not sure when... i'm not even sure how to fix my codes but if you'll patiently wait... it'll get fixed!  please dont stop reading my blog... and continue to comment my boring blogs!  ^_^... hopefully i'll get it fixed soon!!!!

of course now you dont see what the above message was referring to... but i've fixed up my blog the best i could... i'm not too computer savvy but with the help of google... i've got this up and running the way i kinda hope i want it... i'll have to work more with it... cause i need to add my links and a few other things on this... but for now.. i'm tired and this will do!!