So I said I would write a blog on WhatTheBook bookstore in Itaewon.  It's pretty awesome!  It's a small-ish bookstore... i mean it's not like Hastings or whatever but it has a great selection on new and old books in ENGLISH.  Yes I said it... in English!  they're really great prices too!  you can find pretty much any book in this store... self-help... children's... scary... fantasy (twilight...fairies)...anything!  Also, if they dont have the book in stock... you can always ask the English speaking staff!  They are very friendly and are willing to help you.  If they dont have the book they can order it or check their warehouse to see if they have it (all on their handy computers)... if it's in they're warehouse it takes 2 days to get and brought back to their store OR it can be mailed to your location for about 2,000Won (if i remember right!).  When I was looking for a book... it was in their warehouse so i just came back 2 days later and it was there!  yay!  They can also order the book for you!

This place is also filled with ENGLISH magazines... anything to fill your hearts desire!  lol!  I would highly recommend anyone to go and peruse this little area of Itaewon for books... books... and more books!
This is the map showing how to get to the store.  you're going to see the firehouse on your right and go up that street.... keep going until you see the blue what the book sign... at first i couldnt find it but it's cause i didnt go up far enough... KEEP GOING till you see the sign!

Then you'll find this sign... :)  go downstairs to books galore!

New and Used books... each sectioned off beautifully!

And Magazines!

I definitely enjoy going back to this place and finding things to read... I'm trying to get back into reading and it's good to know I can find a place here in Korea!!