Jeju-Do or Jeju-Don't?

So i was thinking today while talking to a friend online about the big break that we're getting pretty soon... big as in 1 week... haha but still fun!  this will be the first vacation-ish break that i've had while in Korea so far!  i'm not planning any HUGE vacation for a while... at least until i can save... i mean the only time i actually will probably go out of the country in the next year is when my school sends me to get my new visa in japan... haha but that's literally a year away... haha

anyway back on topic!  i've heard such great things about Jeju Island... the "Hawaii" of Korea... and I thought well it would be so awesome to go!  relax and whatnot!  I looked up plane tickets to get an idea of how much it would be to go from here to there... check out my awesome results...: 78,900 Won for round-trip on late notice... just a few weeks...
according to my currency converter... that is approximately $61.33...!!!!

To make this a reality... I think I will see if some of my friends would like to go and check out different areas to stay... if you know of any nice places... reasonably priced... that we could possibly stay in while in the area... please send me an email or comment!!

i wont know completely if i will go but it's nice to think about it...!!

i'll update later about if we will go or not!!


Driftingfocus said...

Just stay in one of the hundreds of love motels on the island. They should run you about 30,000won a night and really are perfectly fine.

Be aware that something like 85% of the Korean population is on the move during Chuseok (that break), and thus Jeju may be very busy and many things will be closed.