Korean... English class?

In my last post, I mentioned I would be beginning to teach two new classes... an English World and a Faces classes... you of course dont know what i'm referring to...but this means they are all new beginners... what i wasn't prepared for was going in and talking to walls... even with the knowledge they didnt know anything...  good thing i've been working on my Korean and knew the basics... hello.... how are you... my name is gabi teacher... i'm sorry... i dont know much korean... blahblahblah...(yes that too... haha)
my first class to work with was my faces class on tuesday... i am the 2nd teacher so my co-teacher got to name them... yay!  haha!  but when i attempted to ask what their name was... wow... haha!  but all went well as I attempted to explain with huge motions how to draw a line and write a word... which silly me... i forgot they dont know how to write in ENGLISH... they only know 한국말 (Korean)... so many kinda refused to attempt to imitate my weird strange letters... which i dont blame them... try writing butterfly or ladybug in Korean... :)

my english world class... well i was the first teacher and thank goodness there were only 4 students to name!  haha i have 2 boys and 2 girls and i chose names before going in... i gave the boys a choice to choose between the 2 names and the girls the same... so now i have Skylar, Joseph, Lily, and Rose... hehe!  but that was even a struggle... haha!  thank goodness we were learning how to say good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight... with a song... oh yeah and goodbye... so i could help them figure it out sorta!  haha with pictures and huge motions and the bit of Korean i know!  haha!

next month... I am going to take Korean classes and in the meantime i am going to do solo studying and work on getting classroom language down... my new student asked to go to the bathroom and i didnt know wth he was asking... poor thing... haha i finally asked someone out of the room and they told me... haha!

overall i think these new classes will be a nice challenge!  :)

and hopefully next month will come soon!  haha!  i heard i'll have to take a test to see my level... i know a pretty good amount of korean but i am definitely going to be in the beginners class... haha!

well i better run and do something productive with my last break and a half...