Alrighty!  So I'm going to try to do better on updating!  ^^ This weekend has been fun so far... and it's only now Saturday night.  haha!  This last week has flown!  I can't believe it's December already!  I think Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday.  December in generally can be a favorite!  So now i'm going to chat about my weekend before i forget!  haha!!

My friend, Toni, and I decided we'd go out dancing again yesterday in Hongdae.  We really enjoyed M2 so we thought we'd start there.  We started the night by meeting up and heading to Hyehwa to take some pictures in a picture booth and go to our favorite bar for the first drink of the night.  I met some of her co-workers and they were definitely nice!  After leaving there, Toni and I, headed to Hongdae around 11:30ish.  We wanted to grab dinner at Dos Tacos before they closed.  Well we got there and it was already closed!  *So SAD!*  well then we decided we'd try this Korean restaurant we had seen last week.  We headed that way and noticed it was definitely packed.  After finally getting a table by the window, we figured out what we thought we wanted to eat.  *side note:  be careful what you pick... because you'll probably make our mistake* we noticed they had Dalk.  Dalk is like hen/chicken.  But what we didnt realize was it was dalk bul (or something like that)... bul means feet.  so we ordered chicken feet and when our plate came out i was a bit shocked.  we rock/paper/scissored to find out who would try it first.  of course i'm horrible playing that game so i obviously lost.  definitely couldnt take and we ordered another set of food.  this time... something eatable!

We met a korean guy there, who later came out and hung out with us for an hour or so at M2.  We went to M2 at like around 2AM (<--- K-boy band btw... haha) and danced the night away (sometimes with good looking Korean men)... until we rock/paper/scissored at the end to find out if we would go home or not!  haha!  We left around 6ish.  Then went to a Korean restaurant for some food then headed home on the subway... *fell asleep on subway...hehe* and arrived home at around 7am.  It was a fun-filled weekend and again... alcoholic drink consumption: 2 (and both several hours apart... haha)

This morning after waking up at around 1pm... hehe not long enough but I needed to get up to be able to talk to one of my best friends from home, Stephanie!  ^^  After talking to Steph for a while, I headed out to meet Toni for.... (you guessed it) Dos Tacos at around 3:30pm!  We were so disappointed we missed it so we went back!  ^^  So SO SO YUMMY!!  we walked around hongdae for a little while until we froze our butts off!  It started snowing!  Like Flurry-like!  hehe!!  I love it but hate it!  it's so cold but so cool!  haha!  i'm looking for a really cool scarf but will probably wait till this week cause i get paid monday!  yay!!  ^^

Tomorrow morning... i'm heading out with Toni and another friend to see Ninja Assassin!  which features Rain (Bi) and we're super excited!! 

Well i'm off to bed now... I've been catching up on Iris and am getting tired!  Hopefully I'll get some new pictures up of what I've been up to!  Tomorrow I'll make it a mission to get pics!



Lola O. said...

Sounds like a fun time. BTW, I am addicted to that 2PM music thing you have on the side. I am reading your entries and then I notice my head is bobbing to the music...lol

I am really hoping that I am prepared for this cold weather, but hopefully come February it won't be so bad.

I don't have the stomach for Ninja Assassin, but let me know how it its. Bi, looks so ripped in it.

Kelcclay said...

Oooo I saw Ninja Assassin on opening night. totally worth seeing! fyi though, it has a lot of gore/blood, well, mainly the very first scene. lol. but if you're not into that, it may be hard. it's pretty good though! I took my brother and we both really liked it! it's one of those movies that after it sets in for a while, you appreciate it even more :-) plus, it's got a totally ripped Rain in it! who could ask for more!

SeoulSearching said...

HAHA! I love you guys! Yes... I may have a bit of a hard time with blood and gore BUT Rain being so ripped sounds awesome... haha! I'll probably post what i think when i get back!

I saw that 2PM clock thing on some website and HAD to have it! haha! They are so cute! I love that music video! hahaha they look so young but hott in it too... haha!

For the cold weather, it'll hopefully settle soon... i'm a bit sick because of it. not fun! :-P but i also hope it'll get a bit hotter soon!!! haha! i do like seeing the snow... but maybe like on the tv... haha!