Famous sighting?

While doing a little shopping down our little main strip here in my area... my new co-worker/ friend spotted a large group and said something about a famous person and of course being completely obsessed with kpop i freaked out... we were also standing by a MISSHA (face shop type store) with a famous actor as their representative (Lee Byung Hun from Iris)... and so I immediately was like if it's him i'll flip... so... haha... we're looking and we are also being pushed to the sides so they can get through... camera group... a bunch of young girls looking on and taking pics... i obviously took out my camera phone in hopes of getting a glance... haha... well when i saw who it was i didnt recognize them (*insert gasp!!*)... so... yeah if anyone knows who it was in the sungbuk/donam area today let me know!  hehe!  I even asked some korean girl:  누구???  (who???) but she didnt know either.  at first i thought she was rejecting my attempt at asking who it was but she wasn't acting like the others and looked confused as well.  so yeah... haha we spotted someone famous but didnt know who it was... what a bummer!!  haha!!

on another note!  Christmas is coming up in like 2 days for me!  haha!!  This is the first time I've actually felt a hint of homesickness... and loneliness but I'll be okay... just need to keep on going!  hehe!  i love korea and everythings going great.  tomorrow i'll have a great night with friends and friday maybe iceskating as well as a night in hongdae!  ^^  and the weekend to sleep!  hahahaha!!

well i'm off to sleep now... have to get up and work in the morning!