So... I wonder how crazy I can be!  haha!  I'm about to head out to go hang out with some friends in Jongno for New Years celebration... Korean style (hopefully! haha)!  As I was teaching one of my classes about New Years I found this youtube video! 

I was teaching my kids about the Bosingak bell ringing on New Years day (00:01).  They ring the bell 33 times for good fortune in Korea and thought it'd be awesome to witness it!  So I'm off into the 12 degree weather to check out this really cool event and hope to come back with great pics of the event and my limbs still working right.  haha!

I got to talk to my grandma for a few minutes and am really happy for this cause it helps me stay strong while in Korea!  My homesickness has subsided for now and I am continually falling in love with Korea over and over again!

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you're year has been a good one and the new one is blessed with family, friends, and new memories!