Tired of waiting...

Well let's see... this week has been filled with just work and what-not.  I went to Dongdaemun and Myeongdong with my friend to buy an outfit (^^)... found a cute outfit and shows and was happy to spend time with my friend!!

I have been really happy this week actually.  I can't really say too much about that right now but hopefully soon... ^^

anyway... this weekend I won't be doing too much.  maybe cleaning... catching up on sleep and maybe some school work that i don't want to have to worry about next week... like paper evaluations... I'll also catch up on IRIS!!  YAY!  it just finished this week so I wont have too much to catch up on!  I need a new drama to fill my life... one that's current would be good!  haha!

I can't believe Christmas is next week.  it's really crazy!  And although I wont be able to go see 2PM play in Gangnam on Christmas Eve, I'll be chilling out with friends having yummy chili and maybe watching sappy love movies (maybe i'll do that this weekend!!)  haha!  On Friday (Christmas Day), we're thinking maybe Hongdae club night... hahaha!  I'm going so I'm doing SOMETHING and not so homesick and because it's fun to hang out with friends!  Christmas is my favorite holiday... and it feels strange to not be with my family at this time of year.

But I'm used to kinda being on my own so maybe I'll get used to it as I will be staying in Korea for a long time... ^^

For New Years... no plans so far but hopefully I'll have some before then... haha still have like 2 weeks i guess!  ^^

but as I do more I'll try to update... sorry it's boring for those that are reading!  for now I'm kinda working on saving money so trying not to do much but still have some fun!

i'll update with Christmas stuff soon!