Ninja Assassin and fun in Apgujeong!

So I went to see Ninja Assassin today with Toni and her coworker in Apgujeong!  This morning we met up at close to 12 at my station.  We arrived in Apgujeong and got out tickets to see the movie with one of our favorite men... Rain!

And in my opinion, it was a pretty good movie.  He definitely had his sexy moments!  haha!  There's a lot of blood and what-not but overall I thought it was pretty good!  ^^

After the movie, I went and met my friend Karrin for galbi in Apgujeong.  I LOVE Galbi... seriously... and it's no coincidence that my name is so similar to galbi... haha i've even been called galbi a few times... amazing right?  *and yes there's sarcasm in how much i enjoyed that... ha!*

I headed home after dinner, started laundry, and am now settling back and catching up on Iris!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  ^^  Good nights!!