Kimchi. Seaweed. Love.

So.  I realized that I'm in Love.  haha!  is it strange that I can't even fathom how much I love Kimchi and Seaweed.  I discovered this while walking home.  I kept thinking about what I was going to have for dinner... and I couldnt get out of my mind that I wanted Kimchi.  So i went to the 7/11 and hunted down:  Kimchi and some little sausages.  I got kimchi to last me on those days that I want some but never have any in my house... haha!

I was also looking for spaghetti sauce but they didn't have any.  For dinner, I decided that I wanted spaghetti.  haha!  so after leaving there i went to 3 other little convenient stores close to my house.  I think 1st a Ministop, a Buy the Way, and a little mom and pop shop that I like to go to around the corner.  I knew that if the other 2 "big" stores didn't have it that the mom and pop store should... so that was my final store to go to.  AND THEY had some!  yay!  so i bought 2 little jars... some ddeok noodle soup for another day and 2 bottles of juice (aloe and peach with crushed pieces in it... so yummy!)

I came home and immediately started making my spaghetti.  (i can't really cook... so spaghetti is a big feat for me!  haha i've even burnt water before... shh!  dont tell anyone... then i'll sure not find a husband!  haha)

I made up this little thing called spaghetti kimchi (actually i have no better name so i'll go with this)... i like to mix my foods and since it's all going to the same place...then why not.  So i threw my kimchi and little sausages into my spaghetti along with the spaghetti sauce (of course)... so yummy!  gave it a great bit of spice... mmm... and although I didnt have any bread to go with my spaghetti... I did have some seaweed (kim...mmm)... it was delicious... you can call me weird... you can say that it's not right... but for me...

it's delicious!

Everyday I notice I'm becoming more and more Korean... haha!  I can't stand a meal without kimchi... I love Rice and Seaweed!  Love Kpop!  KDramas!

I also do that thing where you're at the crosswalk (you know... the one you've been at every day for the past who knows how many months) and known the light is about to turn green but still wait with everyone else... haha sometimes i'm daring and start to walk then question myself... (even though I KNOW it will turn green... and everything else is Red...)... haha!

or when i can't imagine anything back at home from before without someone saying something in Korean or bowing...

Oh how I love Korea!



Foreigner Joy said...

Hi ya~ You can find that seaweed stuff in Emart near the rice section. There are different flavors. These days I like the olive oil inspired ones. They are great huh! I like kimchi but only the fresh kind. It is good though with rice and meat.

If ya ever wanna learn how to cook or some recipes maybe we can share dinner together at my home ^^

anyways it's fun discovering foods that are lovable here.

Oh and I do the same thing at crosswalks here.

Anna said...

haha kimchi IS good, isn't it?! I am going to try and make it over my Christmas break... hopefully it doesn't turn out too nasty! haha. Thanks for being so open and willing to give me advice when it comes to recruiters and teaching in Korea! :) I do have one question -- I know that schools typically provide free housing for teachers. It's up to the teachers to just pay utilities, correct? Well, what is the cost of living like in Seoul? If I go teach there, would I be able to save some money each month to put towards student loans? :)

SeoulSearching said...

oh yeah i definitely stocked up on seaweed when i was at emart last. haha! I would totally love to come learn how to cook Joy! Thanx!! we definitely should get together! it's been crazy. like one second i'm not busy then the next i apparently have plans... my brain is so scrambled sometimes too! haha!

Anna! Good luck on making Kimchi... i so want to definitely learn how to make Kimchi!! and to answer your questions: it definitely depends on where you live on how much you pay on utilities and by the weather. so far each month i've been around 100,000 won for utilities. but i think that's pretty normal for here. I know other people i work with pay a lot more cause they have maybe nicer buildings with doormen and what-not. so it depends. Each month i've set aside money and sent it home. So its all up to you depending on how much you spend. I definitely have spent a lot of money lately but i've also sent a lot home for loans.