Tired of Waiting...

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Thanksgiving has come and gone here in Korea.  Korean Thanksgiving, called Chuseok, was in October (i think that's right... it's been a while)... I can't believe it!  I've been in Korea for 132 days... which makes 4 months!  is that not crazy!?  I'm still loving it here... definitely having some interesting moments and can't believe how much more I have to see... good thing i'm planning on living here for a while.

School is going well.  Kids are growing and learning... so strange!  these kids definitely make me miss my kiddos at home (brothers 6 and 10 yrs and sister 13 yrs...)

OH goodness it's like my brain has fallen out and I cant remember what's happened in the last 2 weeks... so i'll just chat about what's happened in the last week or so... haha

So on the way to Korean class... we're (2 friends and I) on the subway and an older Korean gentleman (ajusshi)  gets on the subway at some point.  I move out of his way cause i'm literally right in front of the door.  well somehow we started talking to him... well he told me that his son was a vocal trainer for big bang and 2ne1... amazing right... i was trying stay as calm as possible.  well then he goes on to say that he's looking for a wife for him and that i would be perfect.  after a while (me being apprehensive) he asks for my number so i say give me your card (cause hello!?...yeah)... so he does and then it's our stop so we're getting off.  we're off and we're like should i call him or not?  it's a bit strange but then from behind us he comes and apparently it's his stop too... so he's like call me now.  so i did... well anyway... (we're going to Korean class) but he asks us to go get a drink.  we're like sorry can't.. have to go.  so then in class i get a text saying we should meet up afterwards and that he'll wait in the subway till 10.  well then it gets weird... he takes us to a food stand where his "sister" works and buys a bottle of soju (terrible stuff... silent but deadly)... and some seafood for my friends and i... the entire time he's talking to ME.. it's not about his son... it's about HIM. he gives me pics of him and he asks to go to a noraebang by ourselves... i'm like uh.  have to work.  says i should come to his house and whatnot in the morning... well as we get ready to leave.  he grabs my hand... my hand freezes.  it's like wth!?  he's trying to HOLD my hand... like lace it.  i'm trying not to barf.  well finally i get free and hold on to my cell phone for dear life.  anywhoo.. it was strange.  he called me that night like a gazillion times (i exaggerate but a lot...) he texted me that night.  the next morning he called me.  text me the next day... this went on until yesterday.  strangest thing that has happened to me while in korea.  i still love Korea but i just want to say... stay safe and dont give numbers to strangers... even if they seem really nice... my directors assistant (male) called him and pretty much told him to leave me alone... that i didnt want to talk to him.  He just sent me the strangest text messages... gave me the creeps...

Then the other day on the subway on the way home from seeing my friend in Dongtan... i'm literally enthralled in my iPod and the Korean videos i can watch on this long train ride... and i get hit on... seriously?  i've never really been hit on but I knew KNEW that he was hitting on me... but seriously i was like ignoring him... a lot... he wasn't korean... he was a foreigner.  finally i just told him i had a bf and he left me alone... actually he got off at the next subway stop... not sure if it was his or not but i think so.  i dont care... haha

but pretty much that's the most interesting thing that's happened in a while!

HAHA EXCEPT!  my friend Toni and I went to club night last friday in Hongdae.  It was pretty good after we found some good places to go!  Recommended!  M2... TinPan Euro and TinPan... and another one but I cant think of the name!  We had fun and stayed out till 7AM.  in great moods (not drunk.  so no worries to anyone from home reading this).  I love being able to prove people wrong that you can have a great time without getting wasted!  haha!  ^^  i do it all the time!

anyway!  I am off to bed cause i'm sleepy!  This week is going by quickly!  and it's weird that it's december.... or is that just me?  haha!  My kids are learning:  What I want for Christmas is You... it's been a while since I've sung a song (besides in Noraebang)... but i'm hoping this will come out well... maybe I'll be able to videotape it and show everyone!  my kids are great... it's a difficult song but i think theyll get it before December 24th... haha!!



Kelcclay said...

Ah! you totally have to get a video of them singing that song! TOO cute!!!

totally creepy about that ajusshi though...i'm glad you're director's assistant told him a thing or two! :-)