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So.... as I await my Skype dates, I decided to make some lunch... Kimbap is what's on the menu today!  I'm currently eating as I type this too... haha!  I took pictures as I went through the fun process of making lunch for 1!  haha!  generally I eat spaghetti or ramen... only because those are quick and rice just takes so darn long without a rice cooker! but today, I decided it would be different!  haha!  Hope you enjoy reading about this easy to make lunch!

First... boil your rice... you'll know when it's done.... if not you can always taste test it!

You'll need tuna (if you want tuna of course!  ^^)
and I have this little packet thing to make rice balls if you dont want kimbap.
really good to use for the extra rice I always end up making...
And of course seaweed and a Kimbap roller... haha that's what i call it...
it's really easy to use and handy!

and this to help get the rice to stick to your seaweed...
if it's not already sticky enough!
 After your rice is finished....
you will lay out your seaweed on the seaweed roller...

 Add your rice and tuna... spread it out...
haha and mayonnaise is also supposed to go in this...
i didnt have any mayo since it definitely lacked in a bit of that taste... hehe!

Roll it and now you have a Happy Tiger!


hope you enjoyed... haha!

김밥을 맜있어요!!

I'm in a weird mood and now I'm off to talk to my friends!

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Also:  this is my 100th Post!  yay!!