Dunk Shoot

Jo Kwon (from 2AM) and Whale

(Interesting Song and Video... haha... and it's just so catchy and cute!!)

So this day has been filled with cleaning and sleeping... haha!  I woke up at around 11:00... this week has been exhausting but great so the sleep was much needed... ^^... Last night I fell asleep at 7:30 (yes 7:30 PM) and woke up at like 9pm or so... then stayed up till about 1AM doing pretty much nothing... haha!  Had a pleasant phone call... which shouldve lasted longer (메롱!!)  finally got to sleep and woke back up around 10:30 or so... but laid in bed till about 11.  I decided this weekend would be filled with cleaning and washing laundry.  So I started laundry... swept... went through a bunch of junk... and am now sitting down to watch a movie... maybe He's Just Not that Into You... Love that movie!  haha!  always my "go-to" movie... ^^... I also am a bit hungry but since I've been cleaning all day I'm a bit grimey and dont want to really step out of the house... SO... I might... MIGHT... try calling in an order... haha we'll see how far my Korean goes... ^^  I'll update soon with a YES i've got food or No... i'm going to starve... haha!


1 hour later... Okay so... I'm not going to starve!  yay!  BUT i didnt order it myself... *sad*...I tried!  haha!  I called 1 place and

I said:  영어하새요 (English? but I think he thought I said Hello... and only heard the last part) he said:  yes.  and then i said:  Pizza?  (haha...same in korean as english...) and he said yes.  I said deliver?  and he said hello (in Korean) and I said 영어하새요 (again... English?) and he said: 잘못해요. (I dont know [English])  and i said:  괜찮아요. (that's okay)  감사합니다. (thank you)  then  I called one of my co-teachers/friends from work to ask about where to find phone numbers... cause i was going to attempt Papa Johns down the street... well apparently she was near it so she volunteered to order it for me... how awesome of her!  So now i'm waiting for the pizza to arrive... I really look grungy from having been cleaning... haha so hopefully I dont scare the deliver guy!  ^^ actually... haha as i finished typing that the guy came... was greeted by my 2PM and MBLAQ posters on the front door... haha... i can tell he must be cold by just opening the door... and seeing that he's in a mask and suit to hopefully keep him warm.  haha and he set off my door alarm... haha now it's freaking out!

well now i'm off to eat... watch movies... and relax for the night!



Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

SeoulSearching said...

thanx for the comment! i'm trying to make it interesting! haha! if you're ever in Korea feel free to contact me! ^^